On the Plane

On the Plane

Traveling in a wheelchair on a plane can raise the blood pressure, but airline attendants are available to help. Exercise your rights by asking for help with tasks that are complicated by your wheelchair, such as checking luggage, boarding the plane, and accessing your carry-on bag. An aisle chair can help you get to the restroom in flight and help you maneuver to other amenities that you might need. Remember that you can also ask for assistance after the flight.

In the Car

In the Car

Driving and parking with a wheelchair can present a challenge, especially when traveling to an unfamiliar city. It helps if you travel with a companion who is familiar with your unique set of needs, but it’s also important to choose your vehicle wisely. When you arrive at each destination on your itinerary, look for the best parking spot to allow you easy access to the venue. Follow these tips to enjoy car travel regardless of your wheelchair.

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At Tourist Spots

At Tourist Spots

Convenient wheelchair access at tourist spots is not always guaranteed. It is important to prepare yourself and your companions for every step of your vacation, including each of the tourist destinations you plan to hit. Using a wheelchair at tourist spots is not impossible, and you will find that most venues are willing to help accommodate any needs you might have. Make a list of the questions you need answered, then work through the list before your trip.

At the Hotel

At the Hotel

Inform the staff of your hotel ahead of time that you use a wheelchair. This isn’t a requirement-and they have to accommodate you regardless-but it helps ensure a smooth transition into your room and back out again. Most hotels hire employees who are willing to do whatever they can to ensure your wheelchair doesn’t get in the way of your enjoyment of the facility. Calling ahead will give them the opportunity to demonstrate that hospitality.